Willms, Andreas

Willms, Andreas, REALTOR®

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Grew up in southwestern Germany in the town of Frankenthal. When I was seven, my family immigrated to Abbotsford B.C. where my father hoped to fulfill his dream of raising his family on a farm. This dream was turned into a reality through hard work and determination and he was able to raise my two younger brothers, younger sister and I on his own farm.

The strength of mind displayed by my father and the hard work on the farm gave me a strong sense of responsibility and positive work ethic. These qualities gave me great success as a sales consultant at General Motors later on in life. As I helped guide people towards the car most suited to their needs I saw how much I enjoyed helping people understand the factors associated with the purchase of their car. This experience sparked my interest in real estate as I saw the benefits of understanding the market from an investment and career point of view. I hope to use my experiences to help bring others closer to their real estate dreams.

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